24 december 2022 ielts exam review

24 december 2022 ielts exam review | today ielts exam review
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Directors of large organizations earn much higher salaries than ordinary employees do. Some people think it is necessary, but others are of the opinion that it is unfair. Discuss both views and give your own opinions.

Most of big corporations’ CEO salary is incomparable to that of ordinary workers. Some people believe that they are deserved to earn it because of their high education, responsibility and skills while others are against of it. In this essay, I will examine both sides of view and I agree with the former view.

To commence with, higher officials of corporates enjoy large pay scale for manifold reasons. First, people sitting on higher posts have to deal with several grave situations and they have to control such situations on war footing. Here, their decision-making and intellectual level are tested for which they are paid enormously. Apart from this, people occupying executive posts have coveted degrees and invaluable experience. They often start as a junior level employee and by virtue of their talent and hard work reach the top positions. Consequently, the company has to reward their contribution by offering them a fat paycheque.

On the flip side, there are those who believe that employees who work day and night for company and performing laborious jobs must be given equivalent salary to directors. They assert that their efforts are unmatched and they are the backbone of  the corporation/organization. Thus, they deserve to get higher remuneration comparable to those of managers and executives. Even so, I believe that although higher officials do not do a lot of manual work, they are always under stress as they have to manage the whole company and its staff judiciously.

In the conclusion, I am convinced that it would be Fairless if director’s salary is equal to simple workers. Their earning must be higher than others because their knowledge, skills, practice and reputation are significant parts of corporation’s growth and future.

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