Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone | Cue Card

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Who you gave advice to?

What advice did you give?

Why you gave the advice?

and how you felt about the advice?

In my journey of life, I have received plenty of advice from family members and friends. There is a vast difference between giving and receiving advice.

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Here, I’d like to talk about a suggestion I given to my younger sister.

I’m a very health-conscious person every day I wake up early in the morning at 5:00 am.

I prefer morning walk, yoga, and meditation as different forms of exercises.

However, my sister is too lazy and she is not aware of her health, therefore, I gave her one best advice for a healthy life.

I gave one statement, which is not a statement but the slogan – “Early to bed early rise makes a person healthy, wealthy wise.”

I recommended her to wake up early in the morning and came with me for some exercise.

In addition to that, everyone knows that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

Due to her nature, she used to take an excessive amount of fast food and junk food.

I always advise her that “Health is Wealth. Soon she realized that she was wrong and she started to follow me. We both go for morning walk, yoga, and meditation.

Furthermore, we joined a gym to maintain our fitness and started taking healthy diets.

 Anyway, even though, I was initially nervous about giving that advice to my sister because of her aggressive nature, I felt really good later on because, after all, my sister had finally understood the value of health benefits. So, this was a time when I gave advice to my cute sister. I still feel very glad to be able to give her an advice that proved to be very helpful for her.

Follow ups

1.What kind of advice do parents give to their children?

Parents play an important role in the development of their children. Some parents suggest their children should take regular exercise. Some children concentrate more on other things than their studies, parents tell their child that a qualification gained from university could give them an advantage over other competitor in the labor market and help them find a decent job.

2.How do experts give advice to others?

I believe doctors cannot easily give advice to someone who is suffering from illness without undergoing a medical examination. They cannot advise by just listening to the person’s complaint about his health. Doctors can only give some medical advice once they know the health condition of the person.

3.What advice do parents give to teenagers about making friends?

Parents are good advisors. They suggest their children that they should socialize with people who can make them laugh and change their perspective. they teach their children that they should treat their friends with good faith and keep their promises. overall, they advise that their children should keep company with true friends.

4.Whose advice is more helpful? Parents ‘ or friends?

Parents and grandparents probably have more life experience than a friend, and so according to my perception one can get a wiser or more sensible answer from them. On the other hand, friends are less likely to become too worried if you go to them with a problem. For example, my parents gave me good guidance when I was a younger, now, I have a successful career.