IELTS Speaking Jumbo Cue card 2024

Each of these questions encourages you to discuss a different aspect of technology and its role in shaping your daily life, work, education, or leisure activities. When responding to these cue card topics, it's important to provide specific examples and explain how the chosen technology has impacted you personally.

Jumbo Cue card 2024 | IELTS Speaking | 10 in 1
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Question Describe a piece of technology you find useful
1. Discuss a technological device that you rely on in your daily life.
2. Describe a gadget or tool that has greatly improved your efficiency or productivity.
3. Talk about a technological innovation that has made a significant impact on your lifestyle.
4. Describe a piece of technology that you consider indispensable.
5. Discuss a modern invention that has revolutionized the way you work or communicate.
6. Describe a technological device that you couldn’t live without.
7. Talk about a digital tool or application that has simplified your everyday tasks.
8. Discuss a piece of technology that has enhanced your learning or educational experience.
9. Describe a technological advancement that has transformed the way you access information or entertainment.
10. Talk about a gadget or device that has become an essential part of your routine.

Vocab and idioms
1. Part and parcel
2. Incredibly
3. Gold mine
4. Rely
5. Revolutionized
6. Regardless of
7. Boon
8. Hard nut to crack
9. Piece of cake
10. Versatile tool
11. Multifarious

In this modern era technology plays a part and parcel role in each and every person’s life and people usually use technological appliances according to their needs here I would like to shed some light on a technical device that I find incredibly useful in my life which is my own mobile phone that is like a gold mine for me because I rely on it for various purposes ranging from communication to productivity and entertainment.

I consider myself truly lucky because I have such a device that has greatly improved my efficiency and productivity. With its advanced features and capabilities, I can easily manage my schedule by setting reminders, and access important information on the go. From my perspective, it’s really helpful for everything whether it is checking emails, organizing tasks and staying up to date with the news and events. It serves as a reliable assistant that keeps me on track throughout the whole day.
Along with this the technological innovations of the smartphone have made a significant impact on my lifestyle it has revolutionized the way I work and communicate, along with allowing me to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues regardless of time and location. The convenience of instant messaging social media apps and video calls has transformed the way we interact and share experiences with one another.
On the flip side of the coin if I talk about how I use it for my study purposes then it’s just like a boon for me because whenever educational topics become a hard nut to crack for me then with the aid of this I can solve them easily or in other words it converts them into a piece of cake. Moreover, this device has become an essential tool for both assessing information and entertaining myself.
Honestly speaking I think that my life is impossible without it because with the vast area of digital tools and applications available at my fingertips, I can easily browse the internet stream videos listen to music and explore a wide range of Content to suit my interest. Not only I but my family also use it with me such as whenever I do any offline work, my mother usually uses my mobile phone to watch her favourite serials and by the dint of this she entertains herself very well.
All in all, I can say that my mobile phone is not just a piece of technology it’s a versatile tool that enhances every aspect of my life journey. By its usefulness, convenience, and functionality seems like a crucial piece of technology that provides multifarious benefits to me and I want to pursue my whole life with it.

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