Describe an important decision you made Cue Card

Describe an important decision you made
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What was the decision

When you made it

How you made the decision

Why was it important


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Sustainable changes


Tailored plan



Piece of cake

Lifelong wellness

Well , every individual take minor decisions in his day to day life such as what to eat , what wear and many more . Here I would like to talk a decision that I made related to weight loss and it was not piece of cake for me.

I made this decision approximately two years ago.  How I approached the decision-making process; firstly, I took an honest look at my current lifestyle and recognized the need for change. I reflected on my eating habits, level of physical activity, and overall health. I acknowledged that I wanted to improve my well-being and make sustainable changes.

Secondly, I considered both short term and long term objectives,  such as losing a certain amount of weight with in a designated timeframe and incorporating regular exercise into my routine.

Moreover, I consulted with a healthcare professional to seek personalized advice and guidance. They helped me to create a tailored plan based on my specific needs, and also taught me about balanced diet, calorie intake and benefits of regular exercise.

It was crucial for my overall physical health and well-being.  By adopting healthier habits, I aimed to reduce the risk of various health issues associated with excess weight and improve my energy levels.

Eventually, It was not just about achieving a specific weight loss target but also about adopting a healthy lifestyle that I could maintain over time, promoting lifelong wellness and a higher quality of life.


  1. Do you always ask for help when making decisions?

Honestly speaking , it depends upon the type of decision . If they are normal  then I make it by myself. On the other side , I take the help of my family members as well as of friends in the complex matters.

2. Do you think teenagers are able to take decisions on their own?

To some extent I agree with this statement . For instance, they can easily take decisions regarding the selection of clothes, games and so on . On the other side , they are unable to make an accurate decision related to their future.

3. why some can make quick decisions and some cannot?

 I consider that some masses have the ability of making speedy decisions as they have a sharp mind ,  straight forward approach , they know what is wrong and what is right for them . On the flip side , some people get confused easily between the two things .

4. What should national leader consider when they make decisions?

According to my perspective ,  public interest and public welfare should be the priority of national leaders. They should consider the both points before making the decisions for whole country .

5. Do you think children sometimes have to make important decisions?

Yes, children can sometimes be faced with important decisions. Such as selecting extracurricular activities, choosing classes or subjects, or deciding on future career paths. They may also have to make choices regarding their social interactions, such as selecting friends, resolving conflicts, or deciding how to spend their free time.

6. What important decisions do teenagers need to make after graduation?

After graduating from high school or secondary education, teenagers face several important decisions that can shape their future. Here are some common ones, one crucial decisions for many teenagers is whether to pursue higher education. Also, they  need to decide on a career path that aligns with their interests, skills and aspirations.

7. Who can children turn to for help when making a decision?

Children can turn to several sources for help when making a decision. Here are some individuals who can provide guidance and support; Firstly, parents are usually the primary source of support for children. Secondly, teachers play a significant role in children’s lives and can be valuable source of guidance. Apart from this, they can also utilize online resources, such as educational websites, forums and online communities.

8. Do you think advertisements can influence our decisions when shopping?

Yes, advertisements can certainly influence our decisions when shopping. Advertisements are designed to grab our attention, create desire for a product or a service, and ultimately persuade us to make a purchase. They often employ various techniques such as appealing to emotions, showcasing attractive visuals, and presenting compelling offers.

9. Do you think the influence of advertising is good?

The influence of advertising can be both positive and negative, and it often depends on various factors.  On the one hand, advertising plays a crucial role in raising awareness about new products, services, and innovative solutions. On the other hand, some advertisements can be manipulative or deceptive, presenting products or services in a misleading or exaggerated manner.