Describe an activity that you usually do that wastes your time

Latest Cue Card | Sep-Dec 2021

Describe an activity that you usually do that wastes your time
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What it is

When you usually do it

Why do you do it

And explain why you think it wastes your time.

I do numerous activities daily some are worthwhile and some are useless. I perform various activities just for fun. Here, I would like to elaborate on one such activity that is totally spoiling my quality time that is WhatsApp status that I see when I wake up.
Generally, I watching WhatsApp status in the morning time. Apart from that, not only morning but I also check the status after few minutes. I almost do this activity on daily basis.
The primary reason for spending time on it is that I get instant gratification from it. Being a student, I have to spend about 7-8 hours in the study every day. Due to this reason, sometimes I get stressed. So, to relieve the stress and break the monotony, but actually, I end up feeling more stressed after watching it.
 I feel like I would spend more time with my family if I didn’t watch this. I could also be playing outdoor activities or going to the gym instead, which would be beneficial for me from a health perspective.
 Another hobby I had in my childhood was reading books, but because of this, I am not able to read books as well. And reading novels always improved my mood because I felt I gained something after reading them.
A lot of my friends also complain that in recent years I have stopped spending time with them.  I always give the excuse that I am busy, but I know that I would be able to spend plenty of time with them if I didn’t spend my time on WhatsApp.
In the end, there is no doubt, WhatsApp has also a profound negative impact on youth and adversely affects their education, behavior, and routine lives. It messes up much of the study time of students and spoils their spelling skills and grammatical construction of sentences.


1.  How do you balance work and life?

Actually, I spend reasonable working hours on my job and spend quality time with my family because I know time management is essential for both work and life.   At work, my focus must be on work because this simple strategy will enable them to finish my job faster and find time for my family.

2. Will you continue doing something when you are aware that it wastes your time?

Yes, sometimes I spend a number of hours on social media and I also know that it is waste of time but due to the addiction, I don’t control myself and continuously spending time on it.

3. What kind of things make people pressured?

There are several factors that why people feel stressed. Firstly, a Lack of respect and light bonding in the family often contribute to a stressful life for adolescence. Sometimes the drug abuse issue by a family member ruins the peacefulness of the whole family.  Due to globalization and the free trade zone, business competition is getting tougher these days and it has increased the workload of many employees. As a consequence, many of these people are exhausted, frustrated, and burn out with their daily lives.

4. Why do some people refuse to abide by the rules?

According to my perspective, reckless people do not follow the law because they are irresponsible and they feel great when they break the law. I think they feel exhilarating after breaking the law.