Describe a time when you visited a farm May to August 2021

Describe a time when you visited a farm May to August 2021

Describe a time when you visited a farm.
When and Where?
What did you see at the farm?
How was your overall experience?

Well, I belong to India where maximum proportion of people belong to agricultural background. There is no doubt, agriculture has a great impact on our nation’s economy. Today, I would like to share my experience of a visit to a farm.

Currently, I live in a city because of my father’s job. My father is doing a government job. I vividly remember, in last summer vacation we visited my uncle’s home, who live in a countryside area and he is a farmer and he has 15 acres of land. I was highly elated because I got an opportunity to visit a huge farm and I experienced it for the very first time in my life.

It was a huge farm with green vegetables and there were different types of crops all around and the atmosphere was extremely harmonious. An interesting fact was that all, crops and vegetables were produced without any kind of pesticides.

In addition to this, there were a lot of trees such as neem tree, guava, mango and many more. I also saw many birds build nests in that. Apart from that, farmers were doing work in the fields, they gave water to crops. I saw different kinds of agriculture tools such as tractors, plough and some hand tools.

Describe a time when you visited a farm May to August 2021

Moreover, one farmer was cutting grass with a sickle.

I was on the seventh heaven when I saw beautiful creatures there, I also got a chance to feed them.  I got to know that how difficult is farming to do. Overall, Farming is essential because it is our only source of food. For the survival of mankind, farms are significant. Due to this visit, I knew that farmers are very hardworking. Due to their contribution, the whole population is getting food. It was a memorable visit for me and I captured all the photographs on my mobile phone.

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