Speaking Part 1 Topic Chocolate

Question 1:- How often do you eat chocolate?

As I am fond of eating chocolates or I have a sweet tooth so I love to eat chocolate thrice a week.


Eating chocolate isn’t my cup of tea so I eat chocolate once a week.

Question 2:- What’s your favorite flavor?

I love to eat all kinds of chocolates but If I have to choose one, I prefer milk chocolate for its silky and creamy texture.

Question 3:- Is chocolate expensive in India?

No, I don’t think chocolate is pricey in my country because it starts from just 5- 10 rupees.

Question 4:- When was the first time you ate chocolate?

Let me think, I was in 5th grade when my father gave me chocolate as a gift that time I ate it and after eating it I felt over the moon.

Question 5:- Is chocolate famous in India? Certainly, yes, because of its sweet taste, chocolate is renowned as it is treated as a sweet in my country.