IELTS Speaking Topic Clothing Part 1

IELTS Speaking Topic Clothing | Part 1
IELTS Speaking Topic Clothing | Part 1
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  1. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

My clothing choices can indeed vary depending on the occasion and personal style. For my daily routine, I typically opt for casual or regular attire, whereas on special occasions, I prefer to dress in fashionable outfits.

2. Do you prefer to wear comfortable and casual clothes or smart clothes?

Certainly, I enjoy wearing a variety of clothing styles. While I’m at home, I prefer comfortable clothes like lower and t-shirts. However, for outings and special occasions, I opt for stylish and smart attire.

3. Do you like wearing T-shirts?

Absolutely, I really like wearing T-shirts. I wear them every day because they’re so comfortable and can go with lots of different outfits.

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4. Do you spend a lot of time choosing clothes?

No, I don’t devote much time to selecting clothing as I’m not a picky person. I usually make swift decisions about what to wear.


No, I don’t spend much time choosing clothes. I’m not a picky person, so I typically make quick decisions about what to wear.