Describe a time when you were really close to a wild animal | Cue Card

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What it looked like?
Where you saw it?
What it likes to eat or do?
Why you like it?

Animals are the essential part of life chain without which human beings cannot survive. Being a nature lover, I like to visit zoos and animal sanctuaries. On numerous occasions, I have got a chance to have a look at wild animals. On one such occasion, I went quite close to a wild animal tiger.

Last few months ago, I went to zoo at Chandigarh with my friends and we saw numerous animals and birds whereas, we were not allowed to go close to the cage where they were kept. I saw this animal from a distance around 5 to 6 feet.

It was really fun there as the atmosphere was pleasant and the park is immensely huge. Then we decided to go on a Jungle safari where the animals were open and we were in a jeep which was protected with strong metal due to safety reasons.

That was a time when I saw a tiger which is my favourite animal due to various reasons. First and foremost is, its appearance which includes his long vibrant fur on neck. This makes him completely different from others. Secondly, its nature is aggressive due to this it is called king of forest. Once this animal came really close the Our Jeep due to which all the people got scared as it’s a carnivores animal and is so strong that it can even damage the vehicle. Then I noticed. I saw tiger with big heavy body, waving tail and its body covered with combination of dark yellow and tint of orange colour. I clicked many photographs of wild animals and I still have a desire to see it again.

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1. Should people be allowed to hunt animals for their own entertainment?

 As far as entertainment is concerned, nowadays people have a lot of means to entertain themselves, so they shouldn’t be allowed to hunt animals for pleasure. In my opinion, hunting for fun should be banned globally. There is no point in killing helpless animals just for the sake of enjoyment. It is morally unacceptable.

2.  What sorts of human activities make it more difficult for wild animals to survive?

According to a World Wildlife Fund report, farming, deforestation and hunting are the major human activities that have threatened the lives of thousands of animal species. Human induced climate change is also a serious threat to wild animals.

3. What wild animal do you like?

 Actually, I do not have any specific wild animal that I like. If I have to pick one of them, I prefer to choose elephants. Cause I like its giant body and it is difficult to find a such huge animals in the world. It looks like cute, gentle and tame animals as compare with other fierce animals.

4.What do you think about zoo?

 I opine that zoo which is a nice place to let people know more about some other kinds of animals are still survival and people can get closely see them. On the other hand, it can teach students about animal field. It stimulates students to look into natural environment.

5. So many animals are extinct nowadays. Why you think this is happening?
In my opinion, habitat destruction and hunting are the two main reasons why so many animal species are getting endangered and extinct nowadays. In order to develop cities, farmlands and industries, deforestation has been done on a massive scale which has in turn led to animal-human conflict. Also, poaching and hunting of animals is done to sell their skin, bones etc. fetching high prices in the international market.