Describe a polite person whom you know | cue card | sample 8 Band

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Who is the person

How you know him/her

And explain why you think this person is polite.

In fact, I have met a number of polite persons in my life, and picking just one of them as the most polite person is my mother.  She is in late 40s. She is not tall but looking very gorgeous.

There are several reasons why I choose my mother for the politest person. Firstly, No doubt, all the members are lovable and co-operative but I am very much near to my mother and she is having cluster of qualities. She is one of the most soft-spoken person in our entire family. Not only does she respects people she knows, but she is respectful to everyone who interacts with her.

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Recently, a beggar was roaming around in our colony asking for either food or money and while everyone disrespectfully asked the person to move, my mother not only gave him respect but also food and money. On asking her why she did that, she replied that “everyone deserves to be treated respectfully, irrespective of their position, behavior or clothing.”

My mother has always tried instilling these qualities in both of her kids, although we are not as kind as her, we try to follow her teaching of respecting every individual.

Secondly, she teaches me hard working is key to success and she told me that without hard work person cannot reach the goal. She is real motivator for me. Moreover, Her speeches are well constructed and she always carefully tries not to hurt anyone with her speech. she is well-known both for her gentle nature and talent.

she never breaks her promises and makes promise considering her ability. So, I like her very much for her politeness and other qualities. She is like a candle who burns herself and gives me light.


1. According to you, are you a polite person?

I do think I’m a polite person. I treat other people nicely and patiently, and I do not insult anyone unless they truly deserve it. Also, I properly apologize when I make mistakes and I show my gratitude when other people help me.

2. Do you think people should be polite? Why is being polite important?

People should always be polite because it shows that they have good manners and it helps them earn others’ respect. Being polite is like having good social skills – it can help one widen their social network, and this can positively influence one’s private and professional life.

3.Who taught you to be polite?

This may sound weird but my friends actually taught me to be polite. I wasn’t a very nice person when I was a kid, and my parents often scolded me for being rude to elders. One day, I remember watching one of my friends talking really nicely and politely to a senior. She was praised, and so I started imitating her. My parents were really surprised when I changed my attitude, and they gave me some sweets as I was “being a good kid”. I have been showing my politeness to everyone ever since.

4. How do people in your culture show good manners towards others?

Good manners can be shown in a wide range of acts in our culture. For example, when we run into people who are older than us like our parents, grandparents or our university lecturers, we say hi and bow our head to show our respect towards them.